The Best Windsurfing & Kitesurfing; Boracay International Funboard Cup

Boracay International Funboard Cup - Annual premier windsurfing & kitesurfing event in January

Boracay Island, Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

The captivating blue waters and white sand are beyond compare. Every year, thousands of tourists storm the island to experience the magnetism of its beaches.

Of all the beaches on the island, Bulabog beach is definitely at the top of the list for windsurfing and kite surfing.

Known as the second most famous beach in Boracay Island, Aklan, Bulabog Beach is a good place to enjoy and have fun.

With the attractive commercial establishments that it features, many travelers to the island show interest in visiting the beach.

In addition, the beach is famous to tourists who like to enjoy sea sports activities since it has resorts that offer sea sports equipment and arranges leisure trips for everyone.

Unlike other beaches in Boracay that are popular for snorkeling and scuba diving, Bulabog Beach is a nice place for windsurfing and kite boarding.

Many people visit the beach to join kite boarding and wind surfing tournaments that are usually held every January.

Windsurfing Boracay Philippines


The Boracay International Funboard Cup is a yearly event that takes place in the Phillippines on the beaches of Boracay.

The event brings competitors from all around the world to compete for victory and honor.

The pristine white sand, blue smooth waters and crisp winds of Boracay make it an ideal location for the event.

Originally the event consisted of only timed slalom races, however, now also includes speed trials, freestyle and kiting hang-time.

The races are free for spectators to watch and are held in the international seaside community of Bulabog Beach.

This windsurfing event has become the main attraction in Bulabog Beach every year.

Annually, the Neil Pryde Boracay International Funboard Cup is held in January at Bulabog Beach.

This is an event where not only local spectators are expected to visit the island but also surfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Neil Pryde is the Title Sponsor and has been involved in the creation and running of this event for the past 22 years.

This is the Philippines longest running international sporting event for windsurfing and kiteboarding. (Jade Sanchez)

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