Never Ending Cebu Nightlife

Exciting, interesting, and catering to every taste is the never ending Cebu nightlife. Filipinos like to sing, dance and drink, so almost every night there is something happening.

Cebu entertainment consists of several places where you can try karoake or listen to a local band play pop music.

cebu nightlife

Cebu Dance Clubs and Discos

Sunflower Disco on Salinas Drive is the biggest disco in Cebu. It's crowded on the weekends and there is a live band that plays dance music. Sunflower is a little more expensive than other bars in Cebu and it does get loud. There is always an eclectic mix of people and they have a dance contest on Thursday. The area on Salinas Drive near Sunflower is where several Philippine bars and restaurants are located.

Club Vudu at Crossroads is a hip place for the higher status crowd. It's a little smaller than other clubs but hopping and popular on the weekends and weeknights. Check out the upstairs lounge where funky and trance music plays.

Mango Square is becoming the trendy hangout spot nearest to Fuente Osmena Circle. There are several nightclubs in Mango Square that give you the chance to dance the night away.

J Ave. is in Mango Square near Fuente Osmena Circle and starts hopping about 10 pm, but get there early on weekends if you want to get a table.

Pump is the newest addition to the Cebu nightlife dance scene. There are 2 locations; beside the Cebu Grand Convention Center, and in the back of Mango Square near the parking lot. Pump is a popular disco with a nice mix of music for the dance enthusiast!

cebu nightlife

Cebu Live Music

Live music in Cebu will get your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping all night long!

Cebu Bikini Bars

Part of the Cebu nightlife are the bars for men in Cebu. These are called 'Bikini Bars'. The basic idea is to have several women in bikinis dancing or talking with the customers.

These women (guest relations officers or GROs) are in the bar to earn money through a customer buying them a drink or the customer pays the bar a 'bar fine' to take the woman out of the bar.

If you are going to use the services of these bars and 'bar fine' a woman, it is recommended that you use a 'short-time hotel.' Two popular and clean short-time hotels are Queensland Hotel and Sogo Hotel.

Cebu nightlife is to be enjoyed, take this advice and you'll avoid any problems.

Arena is the biggest and most expensive bikini bar in Cebu. They usually have over 100 women and the dance show is a little more entertaining than other places.

Mango Avenue is where several of these types of establishments are located.

Club Temptation near Mango Avenue is a nice place with a relaxed atmosphere. It's a comfortable club for Cebu Nightlife with couches and usually good service. The staff is friendly, helpful and cheerful.

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