Water Sports Tourism Activities Roll in Ilocos Norte Dam

Water sports activities are keeping its peak in Ilocos Norte as the summer season nears its end.​

In Vintar town, the largest municipality in the province, various water activities are being offered to quench the thirst for a unique getaway brought by the scorching heat. Roughly eight kilometers or about 15 minutes from Laoag City, the vast 16 x 50 square meter dam is making a name in the tourism industry as people begun to notice its potential as another interesting hub in the province.

Vintar Dam is a dam situated at Barangay 10 Parparuroc, Vintar, Ilocos Norte. It is surrounded with mountains and fields that provide a relaxing view to the eyes. Circling it are valleys as well as other bodies of water.

Before the development of the dam, the equipment was utilized by the people around it for fishing activities. It also caters the needs of the farmers for water. Indeed, the Vintar dam plays a significant role in the life of every Vintarinians.

Vintar dam is actually a part of the Bislak river where water flows from Cagayan Valley down to some parts of Vintar including Bacarra. This river caters to almost all the water needs of the farmers from Vintar and some parts of Bacarra for water.

Over the years, its beauty seems to be neglected and forgotten. So, the tourism officer together with the developmental team aims to bring back the glory of the Dam through adventures.

With that, the officers came up with a bunch of outdoor activities perfectly designed to suit the needs of vacationers.

The Kayam-Kayak or more popularly known as the Kayaking is one of the most popular activity offered in the dam. In kayaking, you are given the privilege to experience how it feels to paddle in the river. You can enjoy it by yourself alone or you can paddle with your friend since it is offered in single or double schemes.

Water Sports Tourism Activities Roll in Ilocos Norte Dam

The good thing about it it’s low price offering. With your P50.00, you can now enjoy the single kayaking and with P75.00 you can have it shared with your friend.

There is also the water biking and 4x4 river crossing offered in the dam. With these two different activities, you are given the chance to wander in the river and the chance to see the magnificent view of the mountains that surrounds the place. This gives you the chance to roam around the place while enjoying the heat of the sun kissing your skin.

For the more adventurous ones, water zorbing is also offered in the dam. In water zorbing, an adventurer is given a large inflatable sphere that allows you inside it to walk across the surface in a body of water. This offers a different thrill and experience to everyone.

Aside from the activities it offer, one can also find right in front of the Dam the ‘Umok ni Siwawer’. This place serves as the heart of the dam because it is where the controller of the dam is located. In here, you can also witness the whole view of the place.

In the process of developing and promoting the Dam, the municipality does not only think about the benefits they could get out of the dam but think of the dam as well.

In fact, the municipality has a policy of accommodating only 100 persons per day to minimize the garbage that could harm the Dam later. This is another way of the municipality of Vintar to preserve and develop the beauty of the place.

The municipality does not only secure the beauty of the place but also the security of the tourists who are paying a visit. The municipality also makes sure that there are steady life guards in the place in case of emergency.

At present, the number of tourists coming by the place increases making it the most visited place in the municipality of Vintar.

Vintar dam is indeed a place must visit. So if you are searching for a place to spend your vacation, why not drop by the municipality of Vintar and experience the adventures the place has to offer and witness with your own eyes the beauty of nature. (VHS/CHERRY JOY D. GARMA, PIA1-Ilocos Norte)

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