Central Visayas Air and Sea Traffic Remains Upbeat

Air and sea traffic in Central Visayas stayed “upbeat” during the first half of the year, the National Economic Development Authority (Neda) 7 reported in its regional economic situation.

NEDA reported that the expansion activities of airline companies was signs that the industry was doing well.

The report indicated that Midsea Express has resumed its flights from mainland Cebu to Bantayan island three times weekly while new player Eagle Transasia Airways has offered daily flights form Cebu to Tacloban.

Cebu Pacific Airways also increased capacity of its flights form Cebu to Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo and General Santos by upgrading their planes from Airbus 319 to Airbus 320 to accommodate more passengers.

Data from the MCIA showed that 5.63 million passengers passed through the airport from January to October this year, 2.8 million of which were incoming passengers and 2.82 million were outgoing passengers. The airport served 48,374 flights for the period.

The domestic figures showed 4.37 million passing through passengers, 2.18 million were incoming visitors of 20,207 incoming flights while 2.188 million were outgoing passengers on 20,228 flights.

For international passengers, 1.25 million passengers from 7,939 flights passed through the airport, with 618,469 incoming passengers from 3,972 incoming flights and 636,578 outgoing passengers form 3,967 outgoing flights.

As for shipping activities, the Neda reported that the industry sustained its recovery form last year, seeing growth in foreign ship calls.

Domestic ship calls in the region rose 18.6 percent to 79,687 while foreign ship calls grew one percent to 497. The agency reported a 7.1 rise in embarking passengers to 6.28 million and a rise of 8.9 percent in disembarking passengers to 6.24 million.

Domestic cargo rose 33.5 percent to 11.4 million metric tons, a better performance than last year’s drop of 25.5 percent. Container traffic rose 18.9 percent to 212,492 TEU (20-foot equivalent units).

Foreign cargo also rose 36.8 percent to 3.4 million metric tons form its drop of 25.8 percent lasts year while foreign container traffic rose 6.2 percent to 105,840 TEU.

Neda 7 noted a rise in foreign vessel traffic in the ports of Tagbilaran and Alcoy. They also found increased activity at Matiao Port in Sibulan, Negros oriental after a shipping lien added more vessels to its fleet.(PNA)

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