Holidays Bring Tourism Back in Northern Cebu

Tourism in Northern Cebu was greatly affected during the November 8 Super Typhoon Yolanda. It did not only destroy houses, it also brought its tourism industry to its knees

From the famous Capitancillo Islet that Bogo City is proud of, TS Yolanda restored it to its original bare phase in the 70’s while Medellin’s Fantastic Island is not so fantastic anymore with its surrounding destruction. Sogod, Sta. Fe and Bantayan Islands known for their white beaches and shady coconut trees were stripped bare.

After more than a month man’s innate sense to live life enabled the affected families to pick up the debris and rebuild their communities.

As they do so, nature too takes a rein in healing its damage underwater life, an inspiration for the tourism industry that took a standstill after the super typhoon.

For the resort industry in Northern Cebu, Christmas of 2013 is probably the most memorable and blessed one.

For Alegre Beach Resort, it was a night to remember as they celebrated Christmas with a full house, composed mainly of families having a good quite time to bond; of couples who want to relish the meaning of being one and most of all with the international responders of TS Yolanda; who took to the pristine waters and relaxing ambience to celebrate LIFE and HOPE, getting ready for the next day to rebuild again.

“This encouraging picture of Christmas Day, strengthens our resolve and partnership with the Northern Towns of Cebu in rehabilitating their marine life especially Bogo City’s Capitancillo Islet, one of the country’s diving pride sites” said Gerrie Sola, Alegre’s in-house Marine Biologist and Dive Instructor.

Known for her expertise in the marine world and her advocacy on environmental preservation, Sola looks forward to be part of the rehabilitation planning.

As one of the few practicing and skilled marine biologist, Sola adds “fishing is the main source of livelihood for most folks in the North, rehabilitating the marine life means giving back their livelihood as well”.

Christmas indeed has paved hope and marked a new the beginning for Northern Cebu’s Tourism industry. (mbcn/PIA7 & Alariba/DSWD7)

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