List of Philippine ESL Schools if You're Teaching English Overseas

I have many years of experience teaching English overseas in the Philippines. I am now a Teacher Trainer. The hard part about teaching English in the Philippines is knowing where the schools are.

We have put together a comprehensive list of ESL ( English as a Second Language ) schools in the Philippines.

These schools don't usually advertise open positions on the major ESL websites for teaching jobs.

I have spent many hours networking with other teachers, gathering information and researching the details.

All of these schools cater to Korean and Japanese students, with some schools also teaching European and Filipino students. The 60 plus schools are arranged by city.

Attention Foreign English Teachers (Non-Philippine Citizens) - Be aware that the Philippine government is NOT currently issuing working visas for English teachers.

There are only 2 ways to currently teach English in the Philippines; marry a Filipino and become a permanent resident, or work illegally.

If you are caught working illegally, you will be detained in jail, then deported, and then blacklisted from ever entering the country again.

In our book "Philippines Insider" we have a comprehensive list of over 60 English schools in the Philippines where you can teach English.

The English schools are located in the following cities:











Each school listing includes the name, address, telephone number, website and email address if we could get it.

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