Sinadya sa Halaran, Festival of the People

Sinadya sa Halaran festival in Roxas City December 6

This year's celebration is trying to meet global challenges by being attractive to guests and visitors and by living up to what it should be: A festival of the people.

Provincial tourism officer Alphonsus Tesoro, talking about this year's festival, said the array of activities ranging from Sinadya sa Kalye, Pasundayag sang mga Higante, Pasundayag Capiznon, Mutya sang Sinadya sa Halaran, Motorcade in the Celebration of the Centennial of the Roxas City Bidge, the various sports events, will all have one common purpose: To draw more people's participation.

"When we say more participation, we're referring not only in terms of physical participation in the street dancing and merry-making, but the internalization of the whole activities, particularly those that promote the province's culture and its folklore, its music, its dances, as well as the distinct cultural practices and traditions," Tesoro explained.

In terms of aesthetics, the festival activities are improving every year, Tesoro noted.

There will also be a big change in the way the LGU (local government unit) Night is observed. While before, the particular activity's mood and motif were more formal, organizers of this year's festival decided to do away with any formalities, like the giving of awards where the audience merely sit and watch throughout the proceedings.

In contrast, this year's LGU Night set on Dec. 6 at the Capiz Gym allows an all-night partying that would give flesh and meaning to the word "fellowship."

One can dance all-night and forget his or her worries momentarily as he partakes of food and wine in celebration of the rationales in which the festival is anchored.

Sinadya sa Halaran is a fusion of two festivals, the Sinadya and Halaran. Sinadya, launched in 1988, is the merry-making aspect of the Roxas City fiesta which falls on Dec. 8 of every year to coincide with the Feast Day of the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception.

Halaran, on the other hand, had its first celebration in 1975 as the Province of Capiz's yearly mardi gras. The festival recalls the landing of the 10 Bornean datus in, and the subsequent purchase of, Panay island.

Capiz leaders, however, decided to jointly hold the two festivals which have since become known as Sinadya sa Halaran to to save on costs and to promote the sense of oneness among Capiznons.

The theme of this year's Sinadya sa Halaran celebration is Pag-ambitanay (Sharing), Pagkinalipay (Joy) and Pagpasalamat (Thanksgiving). (SSH 2010/PIA)

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