Sending Money to the Philippines

Sending Money to the Philippines has never been easier with hyperREMIT, a low-cost Smart Money transfer from Canada to the Philippines.

Roy a Filipino in Canada says -

"Have you heard of hyperREMIT -- They are a new Canada-Philippines online, phone and mobile SMS (text message) remittance provider.

Sending Money to the Philippines

Pinoys in Canada can send money by phone or SMS using bank deposit, cash pickup, door to door delivery, SMART Money and prepaid airtime load... all from $6.00 CAD. They are probably the lowest-priced remittance provider in Canada, and possibly worldwide.

Transfers are within 30 minutes to 1 business day depending on type. I've been using them for months and it only takes me a few minutes to send my remittance by SMS.

I highly recommend them for any OFWs and kababayans living in Canada that don't want to travel to the remittance office, deal with standing in long remittance lines etc."

hyperREMIT, a revolutionary low-cost online and mobile SMS Canada-Philippines remittance service from hyperWALLET Systems Inc., has launched a Smart Money transfer service from Canada to the Philippines for only $6.00 CAD per transfer.

hyperREMIT supports Smart Money transfers through hyperWALLET’s partnership with Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART), the Philippines’ leading wireless service provider.

With hyperREMIT, Canadian Filipinos sending money to the Philippines can quickly initiate their remittance by phone or through SMS text message.

Funds sent via bank deposit, cash pickup and door-to-door delivery are available to Philippine recipients within 1 business day, or within 30 minutes via Smart Money transfers and prepaid airtime loads.

Using hyperREMIT’s low-cost $6.00 Smart Money transfer option, senders can quickly remit funds to any Smart subscriber’s mobile phone and accompanying reloadable Smart Money MasterCard cash card in the Philippines, providing recipients quick and convenient access to their funds.

“Our partnership with SMART is another example of our desire to create the most extensive global money transfer network for our customers, and leverage cutting-edge mobile payment services in the process”, states Lisa Shields, President & CEO at hyperWALLET Systems Inc.

“Through hyperREMIT’s Smart Money transfer option, we are providing both sender and receiver with a fast, secure and cost-effective way of sending money to the Philippines from Canada, and enabling new financial services for demographics such as unbanked mobile subscribers.”

Canadian Filipinos can use the hyperREMIT service to make low-cost Smart Money transfers by signing up at Once funds are sent, the Philippine recipient receives an SMS text message notifying them funds are available in their Smart Money account.

They can then use their mobile phone to make bill payments, person-to-person funds transfers and airtime loads, spend funds at merchants, withdraw cash from ATMs via the reloadable Smart Money MasterCard cash card, or pick up money at any SMART Wireless Center in the Philippines. (

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