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Pinoy scandal, being a celebrity is no easy task not only in Hollywood but also in the Philippines.

The fans and the media are continuous pressures to deal with. Not only that, even your private moments are not even so private with paparazzi watching your every move. Obscene stories about celebrities are very common and oftentimes, people believe them.

These may or may not be true, but then again they surely have hogged the headlines of major newspapers, landed their own special spots in talk shows, and became an instant talk of the town. Here’s a list of up-to-date Philippine celebrity scandals:

Ethel Booba - Pinoy Scandal
Ethel Booba

Ethel Booba - Pinoy Scandal
Though Ethel Booba and her partner, a notorious basketball player named Alex Crisano, never admitted that they were actually the ones in the video, rumormongers would like to believe so. Ethel couldn’t seem to deny the striking similarity of her with the scantily clad woman in the video, who seemed to be getting instructions from a man who was filming it.

John Estrada and Gretchen Barreto - Pinoy Scandal
Blame it on the cell phone or, better, on the lack of better judgment between Gretchen Barretto, one of the very popular actresses in the 1980s and now a partner of Philippine magnate Tony Boy Cojuangco, and John Estrada, the former husband of then child star Janice de Belen. An MMS showing the friends kissing caught the ire of conservative Filipinos.

So how did this happen? It was actually during the exclusive birthday party of Rufa Mae Quinto in her own pad that John and Gretchen, a little bit tipsy from all the drink yet lucid, decided to kiss—a tease for someone who proposed—and literally saved it for posterity in a cell phone.

Sad to say, it found circulation all over mobile phones and onto the internet and TV. The rumor further raged on with the admission of both parties and their further silence. Gretchen flew to the United States with her husband for medical reasons while John preferred not to honor any interviews. Nevertheless, it could have done something good as the gossip and criticism would have died down.

Piolo Pascual - Pinoy Scandal
Even one of Philippine cinema’s heartthrobs wasn’t spared from the MMS video scandal. He was supposed to be the guy who was having a very steaming hot intimate scene—with another man. He was in spread eagle position, moaning with great satisfaction.

Angel Locsin - Pinay Celebrity Scandal
Angel Locsin
Angel Locsin - Pinoy Scandal

Everyone could be able to discuss in chronological order the hullabaloo surrounding the “sudden” transfer of Angel Locsin from GMA 7, where she learned to spread her wings and soar high courtesy of her famous fantasy series 'Mulawin and Darna', to ABS-CBN, where she got her first taste of stardom in Ang TV back in the early 1990s. Cameras followed her everywhere she went, even in London.

But accusations between involved camps took a whole new level when news spread that Angel Locsin had made a sex video together with an older Japanese man.

It could have been a so-called grace for men who had the 20-something woman in their fantasies for such a long time, but Angel wouldn’t take it sitting down. She denied it in 'The Buzz', an ABS-CBN entertainment talk show, and in tabloids. The wrongful story came to a sudden halt when the actual “star” was discovered by Angel’s brother. It was actually Natt Chanapa, a fashion model and actress living in Thailand. She was later arrested and prosecuted by the government.

Karel Marquez - Pinoy Scandal
Karel is one of those who are gifted with exceptional acting and singing talents, not to mention a very pretty face. Yet she wasn’t as popular as her other counterparts like Heart Evangelista—not until she found herself in a very malicious video, which she and her mother didn’t deny. It was a great party in Boracay turned awry when a number of Ateneo students decided to play a prank on Karel by slowly raising her shirt to reveal her breasts while catching everything on video.

Kris Aquino - Pinoy Scandal

Kris Aquino’s name is popular for a variety of reasons. First, she’s the daughter of Ninoy Aquino, an incarcerated senator during the Marcos years, and Cory Aquino, the first woman president of the country. She comes from a good breed of the Cojuangcos, who own haciendas up in Tarlac. She’s also a celebrity, having done a number of notable films such as Si Pido at Si Dida, the latter a role she reprised thrice, and Fatima Buen Story where her acting caught the attention of award-giving bodies, giving her a rightful nomination as Best Actress.

Kris Aquino - Naughty Pinay Scandals
Kris Aquino

But she gained more notoriety with her string of “problematic relationships.” She bore a child with Philip Salvador, who was separated but very much married to somebody else. What made the union more complicated were their age gap and the obvious dislike of Kris’s mother.

She then got involved with Joey Marquez—a certified chickboy who was recently separated with his wife, actress Alma Moreno—when they both met for a personal TV interview. Nobody actually confirmed their relationship not until a huge news broke out: Joey pointed a gun at Kris during one of their heated fights.

The next thing we knew, their stories didn’t only belong in showbiz columns but in national news as well, citing violations of the rights of women and other legal jargon. It took a more drastic Pinoy scandal turn when Kris confessed on national television that she was inflicted with Chlamydia, a type of sexual transmitted disease, because of Joey’s womanizing ways. But forgiveness sets everything right, they say. All the brouhaha ended when Joey apologized and Kris slowly accepted it.

She found herself in another lesser-known relationship with James Yap, who is years her junior and a budding basketball player of PBA. It was a whirlwind love story, and the May-December affair was capped with a secret civil ceremony held at his bosom buddy Boy Abunda’s home. A year after, she happily announced that she was pregnant with their son. But when James was reported to be having an illicit affair with one of Vicky Belo’s receptionists, all hell broke loose. Kris almost lost her baby while she was struggling to attain a sounder emotional state. The supposed expose of the third party and their sexual trysts only made matters worse. It gave Kris several hospitalizations and a rocky marriage, which was only started to be mended when she gave birth and decided to give James another chance.

Which story is true and which one is not? Who’s telling the truth or who’s covering up their own mess? These stories could have found their own resting place in the deep recesses of the minds of Filipinos, but who knows? The ghosts will just someday haunt the guilty sometime soon.

Katrina Halili - Pinoy Scandal
The latest scandal that hit the Philippine Showbiz industry happened in May 2009 when a sex tape showing Halili and Dr. Hayden Kho distributed over the internet without her consent. She stated that she was overly humiliated. The dispute lasted so long that her endorsements were taken away from her.

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