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Filipinos are some of the happiest people on the planet not only because of their positive dispositions in life but because of their being family oriented.

One of the most notable characteristics of Filipino society is its strong family and community relationships.

One proof is the frequent family gatherings that you can witness anywhere in the country. Family gatherings are happening in almost every occasion which vary from Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Graduations, and other festivities.

Pinoy Jokes
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Pinoy Jokes

Friends, neighbors and even unexpected visitors are always welcome to attend. This is the time also where families and friends get the chance to chat and exchange Pinoy jokes that will make the celebration more fun.

Being born as fun-loving individuals, Filipinos are gifted in terms of humor. In fact, there are notable Pinoy comedians who have gained a reputation not only in the Philippines but also abroad.

Comedy movies are always embraced by the masses. Fiestas (religious festival for Catholics) are often times made more entertaining with stand up comedians messing around with the audience.

There are various Pinoy jokes that have been recognized as classical yet witty. You can read below the most popular Pinoy jokes that have been passed from generation to generation.

1. Three men were introduced to a lady. The first man said: “Hi! I’m Peter, but not the saint.” The second man said: “I’m Paul, but not the pope.” The third man said: “I’m John but not the Baptist.” After the three men were introduced, the pretty lady said: “Hi to all of you! I’m Mary, but not a virgin.”

2. Three boys were bragging about their fathers. “I have the most famous father,” the first boy said. “He is the town engineer.” The second boy was not to be outsmarted. “Your father reports to my father. My father is the town mayor,” he said. The third boy stood up and said: “Both of your fathers kneel before my father. He is the Parish priest.”

3. Maria is a devoted Catholic. She was married with 17 children when her first husband died. Soon, she was married again and had five more children. Her second husband died and later on she followed. At the funeral, a neighbor looked skyward and said: “Finally, they are together.” A mourner who was sitting in the front row said: “Excuse me, but what do you mean? Are you referring to Maria’s first husband or second husband?” The neighbor answered without turning her head: “I mean her legs.”

4. “Mother, where did I come from?” the pretty seven-year-old daughter asks. It is a moment of truth for the mother who is not yet prepared for the situation. She takes her into the living room, shows the encyclopedia and several other books, and explains all that she thinks her daughter should know about sexual attraction, affection, love, and reproduction. Then they both sit back and smile contentedly. “Does that answer your question?” the mother asks. “Not really,” the little girl says. “My friend Nene said she came from Cebu. I want to know where I came from.”

5. A new congressman, who used to be an actor, received his baptism of fire at the Plenary Hall. Many of the congressmen who were present were jealous of the popularity of the new congressman. So, when the new solon (congressman) delivered his first speech, a lot of questions were thrown at him. To the surprise of everyone, the new solon managed to answer all the questions. Finally, someone asked: "How do you differentiate a proposal from a proposed bill?" The newcomer, pausing for a while, stunned everyone when he said: "A proposal is what you say to a GRO (prostitute) while a proposed bill is what she gets afterward."

6. A group of congressmen were deliberating on a solon's proposal of building a concrete bridge in his district. The other lawmakers showed reluctance over the bill, explaining that money should be spent in building schools instead. To this, the proponent of the bill accused his detractors of not considering the interests of his constituents. The bridge, he said, will promote commerce and trade between localities in his district. He even showed a map and indicated that the entire area will benefit from the project. To show that they are listening to the speaker, the other congressmen took a peek at the map. As they closely scrutinized the map, one solon asked: "There is no river in the area. Where will you build the bridge?" The proponent paused for a while before responding. "That is not a problem. We can build the river as soon as the bridge is completed."

Pinoy Jokes may include jokes about religion and sexuality and despite being a predominantly Catholic country, these jokes have gained approval of open-minded Pinoys. Filipinos believe that life is too short to be taken seriously so despite all the adversities, Pinoy jokes will continue to grow and will always be a part of their daily lives. (Jade Sanchez)

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