Pinay, Filipina, Philippine Women; Renowned for Beauty, Caring and Family Values

Pinay, the common term for Philippine women, are famous for their characteristics especially when it comes to family.

This is one of the reasons why even foreigners are interested in marrying a Filipina as they are already assured that someone is going to take care of them through thick and thin.

A Pinay is renowned for her beauty, her caring disposition and having strong family values. These attributes make a Filipina wife a desirable choice for many single men.

When visiting the Philippines, seeing a Philippine woman with a foreign partner is an everyday scene.

From Americans, to Asians, to Europeans. Filipinas are known to be faithful to their husbands, constantly hard-working, and very reliable in taking good care of their children.

Once married, a Pinay wife puts her husband and family at the top of her priority list, and it is her goal to excel in home and family management. She believes in a one-man one-woman relationship and is a lifetime partner, holding a high regard for the sanctity of marriage. A Filipina is an excellent home keeper, and being a good wife and mother is a trophy for her.

Philippine women value the customs their parents taught them and even if some live outside of the Philippines, they still carry with them the kind of norms that make them Filipinos.

There are several characteristics that make her completely desirable and visible. One of them is her beauty. Most Pinays are slim, thin, and beautiful. They are fond of cooking. Philippine women are family oriented and always value the importance of family. While other women in the world hate housework, you will be surprised how Pinays enjoy household chores.

Pinay - Filipina Pinay - Filipina

Filipina ladies are warm and caring. Their inner beauty, sunny disposition and charm adds to the physical attractiveness and gracefulness they possess. Filipina ladies are naturally romantic, loving, resourceful and have old-fashioned values. They are optimistic and have flexible personalities.

They have the capability to adapt to any situation and accept things they cannot change. They are also outgoing by nature and are pleasant company. Equipped with a generous share of humor, Filipina ladies are prone to see the lighter side of life in sticky situations.

Pinays are naturally good-natured. Being in a predominantly Catholic nation, they are aware of the teaching of the church and the teaching their parents convey to them in their everyday life.

A Filipina's amazing beauty is a result of the infusion of many different ethnic influences coming together to produce the beautiful hybrid. A Philippine woman usually keeps traditional family custom. They maintain and try to support their family relationship and respect their husbands as well as let their men lead the family.

Pinays are willing to sacrifice their own happiness and careers for the sake of their families. They are very supportive to their husbands. The Philippines is under a patriarchal society where the husband is the head of the family but in cases when the husband is unable to fulfill his obligation, like in the case of illness, death or separation by distance, the Filipina wife stands by him and takes the responsibility as the breadwinner on her shoulders.

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