Philippines Weather - Weather in the Philippines

Philippines weather matches the warmth of the Philippine people

The Philippines is a country of diversity - brimming with colorful people living in colorful places.

Its tropical climate makes it desirable for foreigners worldwide. In fact, tourist arrivals in the Philippines have been growing consistently. Indeed, many people travel to the Philippines and stay for an extended period of time claiming that Philippines weather and climate has a positive effect on their health.

At sea level, temperatures rarely fall below 27°C. Interior valleys and leeward sides of islands tend to be warmer, while mountain slopes and peaks and windward sides of islands tend to be cooler.

Climate change has affected the weather in tropical Philippines, too. There used to be a clear point when the seasons started and ended. Today though, Philippines weather experiences unexpected changes: the sun could be shining warmly one moment, and heavy rain could be pelting down the next.

But generally, the country experiences its warmest weather from April to October. Philippine summer generally is April, May and part of June. Temperatures and humidity rise during summer. Starting in June, and through July and August is the primary rainy season in the Philippines.

Philippines Weather

The rest of the year is relatively colder because of the monsoon winds. On average, twenty typhoons enter the country yearly; the majority of which occur during the latter half of the year.

Some places in the Philippines are known to have their own weather system - especially in mountainous areas. Weather could also be magnified in places near beaches or other bodies of water.

It is best to keep updated with weather changes from local and international news. PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration) is the government Philippines weather bureau. The primary mission of PAGASA is to provide protection of life and property and this is done by the use of scientific knowledge and information as an effective instrument to ensure the safety, well being, economic security and improve the quality of life of all the people – local and foreigners.

During your stay in the Philippines, always bring along your weapons against the elements. Sun block is good for preventing pain and possible hospitalization.

Umbrellas can shield you from both the harsh sun and the pelting rain. Hats with wide brims or visors protect your hair and eyes. Sunglasses can help prevent the sun from damaging your vision. And fans can help keep you cool through the humid days.

If you are planning to visit any areas in the Philippines, make sure to gather as much information as possible so you will enjoy your stay either for business or pleasure. Adore the beauty of nature, and embrace the warmth of the Philippines weather and the Filipino people. Come and visit the Philippines! (Jade Sanchez)

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