Manila, Cebu-Based Anglers to Join International Fishing Festival

Manuel San Agustin, who is helping the Department of Tourism (DOT) in the hosting of the 1st International Fishing (Pamunit) Festival to be held May 18-19, said there are already groups of anglers from Manila, Cebu and even Bacolod City that have confirmed their participation to the event.

He said that the festival will be held in Oton, Iloilo, which is being promoted as “one of the fishing destinations” in the entire Philippines.

San Agustin, who joined the installation of the artificial reefs led by Governor Arthur Defensor, Sr. Thursday morning, said that the project is a welcome development and could really help restore and preserve the rich marine resources of the town of Oton in southern Iloilo province.

He narrated that it was about 20 years ago when he himself started to do fishing as a hobby in the coastal waters of Oton.

He said he is happy to help organize the fishing festival with the DOT, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the local government of Oton headed by Mayor Vincent Flores.

For the fishing festival, the DOT has allocated P200,000 for the prizes of those who will join in the competition depending on their categories such as whoever caught the biggest fish and the most number of fishes.

San Agustin added that they continue to invite groups or individuals who would like to join the festival that is being envisioned to be held yearly. (PNA) LAP/AJPetinglay/vlo

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