Philippine Airlines News and Updates

Philippine Airlines latest news and updates

PAL Mabuhay Lounge to undergo renovations

Starting 15 June - 15 August 2015, Philippine Airlines' Mabuhay Lounge (domestic) in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA 2) will undergo renovations.

While the lounge is being renovated, Mabuhay Miles Elite, Premier Elite, Million Milers, Business Class and Premium Economy* PAL domestic passengers shall be extended a pre-flight refreshment vouchers upon check-in.

Passengers may use the vouchers at the following outlets: Cafe France, Yan Kun Kaya Toast or Vin-Vin Kiosk located between Gate 5 and 6.

We are very excited to see you in our newly renovated Mabuhay Lounge (domestic) when it opens in August 2015.

Pal Express welcomes EU decision

PAL Express welcomes the European Union’s decision allowing the carrier to operate flights to Europe after meeting international air safety standards.

PALex was among seven operators in the Philippines given the green light recently by the EU, which lifted the ban on flag carrier Philippine Airlines in 2013.

In a press conference held yesterday at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines headquarters in Pasay City, EU Charge d' Affaires in the Philippines Lubomir Frebort said, “This is truly breaking news since it is the first time that the entire aviation sector of one country is removed from the European Air Safety List.”

Philippine Airlines News and Updates

PALex President Bonifacio Sam, who was present during the news conference, told members of the media, “The lifting of the EU ban on PAL Express will be beneficial to the expansion program of the airline. This is an affirmation of the airline’s adherence to international aviation safety standards.”

Last March 10, 2015, PAL express attended a technical meeting with the European Commission in Brussels, providing an overview on the company’s Safety Management and Quality Management System.

On April 17, technical experts from the EU assessment team visited the country to look into key areas of PALex operations - Safety Management System, Quality Management System and Airworthiness Management. Eight observations were raised and all were considered as enhancements of existing practices.

The EU team was able to confirm that CAAP has the capability to implement and enforce the relevant safety standards including applicable international safety regulations and the Philippines Civil Aviation Regulations (PCAR).

EU also concluded that CAAP has the capability to detect any significant safety risk within an air carrier and act in an effective manner to contain such risk.

The on-site visit was followed by an EU Air Safety committee hearing in Brussels, attended by officials of CAAP and several carriers, including PAL Express.

PAL warns against card fraud

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines is warning against the illegal use by unscrupulous individuals of loyalty program membership cards belonging to frequent flyers for personal gain.

PAL issues this warning amidst reported cases of unwarranted loyalty card usage by persons misrepresenting themselves as the real card owners.

There have been incidents in which the card of a legitimate loyalty program member was presented by an individual during check-in, together with a fake secondary identification card, in order to gain benefits like free baggage allowance, among others. These cases are under investigation.

The airline likewise reserves the right to remove from its roster any loyalty program member found engaging and/or conspiring in the illegal act of deliberately allowing his/her card to be used by another for the latter’s personal gain.

PAL Loyalty Program Head Mayette Casanova stressed, "PAL values the hard-earned points and miles of its loyal patrons and takes pride in rewarding them with these benefits which they rightfully deserve. We wish to remind members of our frequent flyer program to safeguard their Mabuhay Miles cards to serve as a deterrent against fraudulent use. As such, any misuse - be it by a member or a third party - will not be tolerated and will have legal consequences."

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