Mandarin Oriental and the New Oriental Essence Spa Treatment

Mandarin Oriental and the new oriental essence spa treatment being introduced at its luxury hotels

The award-winning Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will introduce a new bespoke Oriental Essence spa therapy, together with additional home-care products at many of its luxury hotel spas worldwide.

The one-hour signature Oriental Essence massage has been devised to introduce guests to a simple, effective and authentic spa experience in a short period of time.

Oriental Essence consists of a powerful, hands-on body massage ritual that combines the potent effects of oriental meridian massage with the therapeutic benefits of Mandarin Oriental’s signature ‘Quintessence’ custom-blended essential oil.

Each treatment begins with a short back diagnostic consultation in order to determine each individual’s personal and current state of wellbeing.

A firm full body massage is then tailored to each guest in order to leave the body, mind and spirit energized, revitalized and in perfect harmony.

“The Oriental Essence therapy is a powerful stand-alone treatment that will leave guests feeling relaxed in a short period of time.

It is also a wonderful introduction to Mandarin Oriental’s signature therapies, for those who wish to learn more about the Group’s award-winning, holistic approach to wellness,” said Group Director of Spa, Andrew Gibson.

‘Quintessence’ custom-blended essential oil is used in the Oriental Essence treatment, and is the foundation of Mandarin Oriental’s signature product line, which has been developed specifically for the Group by the award-winning UK based company, Aromatherapy Associates.

This balancing essential oil blend brings the body’s energy flow into alignment. Warming ginger, uplifting mandarin and sacred frankincense bring a grounding influence, encouraging a deep sense of equilibrium for mind and body.

As well as body oil, ‘Quintessence’ is available as a generic body scrub, body wash, burning oil, bath and shower oil and body lotion.

All contain natural ingredients and are paraben free, and have been blended by a master blender to Mandarin Oriental’s specifications.

The ‘Quintessence’ products, together with Mandarin Oriental’s other signature formulations are available for purchase at Mandarin Oriental and spas, so that guests can continue using specific blends at home.

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