Starting Our Online Small Business

When we looked at the trends of the future, an online small business seemed an obvious venture to get into.

The internet is still young, with growth and interest in the net strong and increasing. More people are using the internet every year and people are using the internet longer and longer every day.

online small business

When we decided that we wanted to start an online business, we really had very little knowledge about it. We had never set up or designed a website before. Our internet experience consisted of email and searching around using Google. We knew nothing about HTML or any other internet software language.

But, we knew this was something we absolutely had to do. We couldn't keep waiting for a better time. So, we got busy and started doing some research.

Researching Online Small Business Opportunities

When looking at the internet as a possible source of a business venture, there is so much to go through, and so much junk and garbage that the frustration alone can make you want to quit even before you start!

We were looking for something that seemed real, something that was reasonable, legitimate and an honest business. Definitely not any get-rich-quick scam, no pornography, no network marketing, nothing that seemed strange or weird, and no email spam sales letters!

We spent several weeks patiently conducting our research and keeping notes about possible online business opportunities. We knew that we had to partner with someone of integrity who was taking a true business approach to e-commerce. Thinking in the long term was important as well as a reasonable up-front cost to get involved. We didn't have a lot of money to invest, but we had the determination and brains to learn quickly.

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