Best Medical Tourism Philippines & Aesthetic Center Unveiled at Sofitel Manila

With medical tourism on the rise throughout Southeast Asia, Sofitel Philippine Plaza has jettisoned the traditional spa playbook and teamed up with the country’s most renowned wellness experts as they opened the door to a comprehensive health and aesthetic institute, the first inside a 5 star hotel in the Philippines.

Called Vietura, "vie" means life and "tura" comes from natura, meaning nature, the new facility is an aesthetic lifestyle institute that leverages on its holistic approach to beauty and wellness, providing 100 percent non-invasive treatment programs that are tailor-made for each individual.

Measure, Mentor and Monitor
Conceived by its chief practitioner, Dr. Mary Jane Torres, Vietura provides a comprehensive offering of programs, not just non-invasive treatments, but also nutritional counselling, cosmetic dentistry and life coaching. “Every patient is carefully assessed as a unique individual by their personal consultant, who then devises a holistic regimen best suited for their particular issues and desires,” said Dr. MJ Torres. Every treatment is tailor-made for each profile. This special attention goes beyond each session to encompass their entire scope of needs. It’s all part of Vietura’s three-step philosophy of "Measure, Mentor and Monitor."

This is truly bespoke beauty – going past superficial improvements by encouraging beneficial lifestyle changes, and carefully keeping watch on a client’s progress or setbacks. By going to Vietura, one can expect to not just look better, but feel and live better as well, and not just for the short term, but for good.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza General Manager Adam Laker said, “I am delighted about the opening of Vietura since it completes the health and wellness offering of the hotel. It is a high quality service to enhance and improve our client’s lifestyle. It is for the person who understands that the path to greater confidence isn’t dramatic change. It’s a long-term holistic approach that results in a more natural glow and prompts friends to ask, where did you go on vacation? Instead of 'What surgeon did you just see?'”

Range of Treatments
Vietura offers a range of treatments and services that promote holistic balance. Having problems concealing the signs of aging? Vietura's natural facelift and contour program employs the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and power cell lift treatments to stimulate the body's own healing process and smoothen out lines and deep wrinkles.

Vietura's body sculpting with weight management program is also available for individuals who wish to attain their dream figures without the need for surgery. It combines technology with a healthy lifestyle by providing a diet program as well as an in-house personal trainer to deliver more lasting results. This package also includes Resonax, the latest non-surgical face and body sculpting technology from Europe.

Services range from weight management tools, to anti-aging procedures, colonics, cosmetic dentistry, facial contouring and body sculpting. Vietura also features effective treatments for conditions affecting one’s complexion or digestion. Under Dr. Torres’ meticulous supervision, the internationally-trained team consists of 12 registered nurses, a dietician, dentist and lifestyle coach. The center can boast of state of the art aesthetic technology and equipment, such as for stem cell and chelation therapy, available from around the world. The luxury resort location also allows Vietura clients to easily enjoy the hotel’s other premier facilities such as Le Spa and So Fit, or check into a room or suite.

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About Vietura

Vietura is Sofitel Manila’s sophisticated Aesthetic Lifestyle Institute that offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, combining aesthetic procedures with integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. Offering 100% non- invasive procedures matched with gradual progressive treatments. Vietura offers key treatment programs such as Natural Facelift and Contour, Body Sculpting with Weight Management, Anti- Aging Therapy, Longevity, Skin Vitality, The Art of Detox and Dental Cosmetics.

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