Medical Tourism in the Philippines Come to the Wellness Islands!

Medical tourism in the Philippines is the practice of traveling to Cebu, Philippines to have a medical, dental, or surgical procedure performed, while at the same time touring, vacationing, and enjoying the country.

Most often the medical procedure is an elective one that is not immediately required under time limits.

The most common of these elective, non-time sensitive procedures in Cebu are dermatology (skin related), cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, routine dental services, aesthetic dental procedures, weight loss surgery, and opthalmology (eyesight related).

There are 2 primary reasons that you should consider medical tourism in the Philippines.

The high cost of health care in industrialized countries is often 10 or more times the cost of the same procedure in Cebu.

And the recent advances and improvements in technology has increased the standard of care available.

Also, there is a time factor that you need to consider if you live in a country with socialized health care such as Canada or some of the EU countries.

Medical Tourism in the Philippines

Some medical procedures in these countries may require a wait of a year or more. In Cebu, you can arrive on a certain day and within 2 or 3 days have the procedure performed.

Why have cosmetic surgery?

There is no doubt that most cultures are youth centered.

Maintaining a youthful appearance helps you in many ways. The most obvious advantage in maintaining a youthful appearance is your appeal to the opposite sex.

Whether you are single or married, attraction of your partner or potential partners is important to maintaining that magnetic sex appeal.

Looking good also helps you feel good about yourself! Studies have also shown that good looks are a factor in earning more money and receiving promotions at work.

Why Medical Tourism in the Philippines?

Cebu clearly has many advantages as a medical tourist destination.

English is widely spoken in Cebu and is the primary language of instruction in all of the universities.

Also, Filipinos have a natural tendency as excellent caregivers. This is partly due to the fact that there are no nursing homes here to care for the elderly, consequently family members must care for their parents and grandparents.

The low cost of the medical procedures, accommodations, food and transportation in Cebu make it a very attractive destination. There are also a large number of spas and massage centers to facilitate recovery and relaxation.

Finally, the medical staff often consists of personnel that have been trained in the U.S., Japan, or Singapore.

All in all, medical tourism in the Philippines, specifically Cebu, has several advantages to the medical tourist. So, come to the wellness island of Cebu and look good, feel good, and have a good time!

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