Laguna Philippines Caliraya Lake, a Captivating Man-Made Lake in Laguna

Caliraya Lake in Laguna Philippines

One of the primary attractions in the province of Laguna is the Caliraya Lake. This is certainly one of Laguna’s summer hotspots where local and foreign tourists visit every year.

It is also one of the most prominent man-made attractions in the province stretching from Lumban to Cavinti.

Caliraya Lake was created in the late 1930's by US Army Engineers by flooding the Cavinti valley of the Sierra Madre to generate hydroelectric power for Manila.

It is a man-made mountain lake complete with coves and sand bars which is something to be proud of not just in the country but internationally.

The deep waters of the lake and the strong mountain breeze that blows from the Sierra Madre Mountain range and the distant Mount Banahaw, make Caliraya Lake a great place for aqua sports such a boating, wind surfing, and water skiing.

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The lake is also ideal for game fishing as fairly large game fish swim here.

The lake’s surroundings have been compared to various North American resorts, as suggested by the abundance of pine trees which are introduced by some of the early developers to replace many of the coconut trees, as well as year-round cool climate, and verdant hills.

Also, numerous islands of various shapes and sizes have been formed during the creation of the dam lake.

Caliraya is a perfect place for those who want to relax luxuriously and those who love some water activities.

Its surroundings and gentle breeze can easily ease all the exhaustion and definitely give you total relaxation after tons of work. (Dyan Kristel Real/ACO, PIA-Laguna)

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