Kundiman Philippines - Filipino Songs - Traditional Filipino Love Songs

Kundiman Philippines are a musical and expressive style of Filipino songs conveying a message of love, devotion, romance, passion, or sadness.

The music and content can also be based on a love story. Poetical feelings and emotions are depicted by this musical style in the Philippines.

Tagalog is used to write the lyrics of these Filipino love songs.

Melodramatic pauses, and a soft, slow moving, graceful rhythm distinguish the melody.

Traditionally it was used as the primary method of serenading in the Philippines accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Example Lyrics of Kundiman Philippines:


Huwag mong sabihing ikaw'y hamak
Kahit na isang mahirap
Pagkat ang tangi kong pag-ibig
Ganyan ang hinahanap

Aanhin ko ang kayamanan
Kung ang puso'y salawahan
Nais ko'y pag-ibig na tunay
At walang kamatayan

Kundiman Philippines - Filipino Songs - Traditional Filipino Love Songs

Maala-ala mo kaya
Ang sumpa mo sa akin
Na ang pag-ibig mo ay
Sadyang di magmamaliw
Kung nais mong matanto
Buksan ang aking puso
At tanging larawan mo
Ang doo'y nakatago.

Di ka kaya magbago
Sa 'yong pagmamahal
Hinding-hindi giliw ko
Hanggang sa libingan

O kay sarap mabuhay
Lalo na't may lambingan
Ligaya sa puso ko
Ay di na mapaparam

Repeat verse 4 and 5

This Kundiman Philippines talks about commitments made by lovers to be loyal to each other.

It is also about the way love is able to overpower economic inequalities among people in love.

What is essential, according to the song, is love that is genuine, true, and everlasting. Love makes your lifetime worth living.

Courtesy of - Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, USA

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