Holidays to the Philippine Islands; a Top Travel Destination

Located in the eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines is home to over 7,000 islands that are inhabited by locals who are known to be friendly and from many indigenous tribes

The Philippines is also known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful historic sites that will provide you once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Some of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines include the following:

1. Banaue Rice Terraces

• A tourist trip to the Philippines can never be complete without visiting the spectacular Banaue Rice Terraces.
• The terraces were beautifully curved from the mountain ranges approximately two thousand years ago without using modern tools by the Ifugao tribes.
• These outstanding farm terraces look like giant staircases reaching up to the sky.
• Up to today, the locals in this area still plant rice and other vegetables on the terraces although younger generations of the tribe do not find farming an appealing thing to do so they move to the cities.

2. Boracay

• This is a small island in the Philippines. However, it has magnificent features like the award winning beaches, cliff diving sites, and explicit resorts.
• Other adventure options include parasailing, horse riding, motor biking, scuba diving and kite surfing.
• The wonderful boat tours provide tourists with beautiful sites to watch stunning sunsets, remote coves of the turquoise lagoons and exploring the volcanic caves.
• After sunset, the night in Boracay comes to life with many bars and restaurants serving food, different drinks and revelers are allowed to party until dawn.

3. Chocolate Hills

• This is one of the best tourist attraction sites in the Philippines.
• The hills have an unusual geological formation having at least 1,268 mounds, which are scattered, throughout the inside of Bohol Island.
• The formations are almost the same in size and are symmetrical measuring between 98 and 164 feet high. They are also covered by green grass. In dry seasons the grass turns, brown hence the name Chocolate.
• There has not been any agreement as to how the giant moles came to exist although a theory exists that says the hills came from a marine limestone type of rock which was weathered.

4. Donsol

• Donsol village is a sleepy fishing village and is a great place to view whale sharks, which can be seen between the months of November and June.
• The ocean giants normally peak in number between the months of February and May.
• It is located in Sorsogon province and is known for its pristine beaches, unexplored caves, and amazing waterfalls.
• Boat cruising is another fun activity provided for tourists along the Donsol River which runs through palm and mangrove trees. The most amazing part of this cruise is that you get to watch the night lighting up with millions of fireflies.
• There is also the traditional shrimp-catching expedition using bamboos and nets. This is followed by preparing dinner from the catch.

5. Puerto Princesa Underground River

• The river is located on the north coast of the Palawa Island. It is described as a nature lover's paradise.
• It has unspoiled landscapes that are rich in wildlife.
• The natural underground river is called the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River and is protected within a national park. The river is the longest navigable underground river.

Philippines is fast growing as a tourist destination and for tourists who come from overseas, it is important to use the ESTA online application system which pre-screens all travelers before they are allowed to board the airplane. This will save you the embarrassment of being turned down at the airport when prepared to travel.

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