Flights for Disabled People - Philippine Airlines Cites Extensive Experience

Philippine Airlines emphasizes their long experience in flights for disabled people

Passengers with special needs, such as those with disabilities, the elderly, expectant mothers, infants and even serious medical cases, are assured of personalized handling when they fly Philippine Airlines, the flag carrier said.

In a statement, PAL said it prides itself in being extra-sensitive to the needs of its passengers, particularly those with special requirements.

“PAL strictly adheres to a policy that does not discriminate against passengers on the basis of race, disability or impairment,” it stressed.

The pioneer flag carrier cited its long experience in handling flights for disabled people and passengers with special needs. As early as the 1940s, when airplanes featured only rudimentary amenities, PAL already provided comfortable bassinets to carry infants aboard its DC-3 and DC-6 aircraft.

Today, PAL provides a range of equipment and services for disabled people and passengers with special needs, including stretchers, wheelchairs, oxygen, lifting services, devices for supporting limbs and other specialized medical gear.

Philippine Airlines - Flights for Disabled People

PAL is the only Philippine carrier with automated external defibrillators onboard its aircraft flying select long-range routes. Its cabin crews undergo special training on how to use this equipment during inflight emergencies, such as when a passenger experiences cardiac arrest.

Incapacitated passengers and their escorts are also reserved seats close to lavatories and exits to minimize inconvenience. PAL only requires a few days’ notice to arrange such equipment and services.

Prior clearance from PAL’s medical clinic is also required before tickets are issued to passengers with serious ailments.

Even elderly passengers are well taken cared of. PAL staff are specially trained to handle seniors, who comprise a large percentage of its passengers, particularly on trans-Pacific flights.

More than its modern equipment, PAL says its personal touch and unique Filipino trait of malasakit sa kapwa (concern for others) sets it apart from other airlines. The flag carrier assiduously trains its frontline personnel in handling flights for disabled people and special-needs passengers, even conducting courses on the subject in its training facility before staff are deployed.

“With this personalized approach, our passengers can look forward to and enjoy safe, comfortable and hassle-free flights,” PAL said. (Philippine Airlines)

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