Common Perceptions of Relationships with Filipina Babes

The most common perceptions of relationships with Filipina babes (based on random thoughts by respondents);


The Filipina is believed to be seeking greener pastures. A better life in a different country, the American dream. This is the most common impression of all and arguably the most insulting for the Filipina who has no such motive.

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The Filipina makes a milking cow out of the foreign partner/spouse. What Filipina babes are after is only the "good life", CAR-acter & PESO-nality, and the 4 M factors or Matandang Mayaman, Madaling Mamatay (Old, Rich, and Soon to die).

The Filipina has a hidden agenda and marries the foreigner to gain entry to his land of origin, and then dumps him later for whatever reasons she may have.

The Filipina wants good-looking offspring to be sired by attractive foreigners.

The Filipina desires companionship -- for middle-aged or older Filipinas looking to get involved with foreigners their age.


The foreign partner is usually suspected of "only looking for a maid or a caregiver with free access to her bed".

The "OLD CARABAO EATS YOUNG GRASS" joke often applies to older foreign men who seek young Filipinas babes many years their juniors. The younger they are, the hotter they come.

philippines online dating filipina babes filipina babes

The foreigner has devised a scheme to get the Filipina insured, kill her, and then collect the insurance money before moving on to the next prey.

The foreigner wants to own property here and marries a Filipina for that purpose.

The foreigner desires companionship -- for older foreigners looking for Filipinas their age.

The above are the most common sample thoughts of random subjects when asked their opinions of Filipina babes and foreigner relationships. They do not exactly echo the views of the great majority. Negative as these views are, let's try not to get into generalizations because there are just as many successful Filipina foreigner relationships that do last and are based on mutual love and respect. I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar on this.

Not all Filipina babes are scheming, indecent, or motivated by desire for the good life just as not all Americans/foreigners are bad or devious. In fact, statistics show that Fil-Am marriages in the USA have a divorce rate that is much lower than the overall rate of divorce in that country -- a country where, sadly, divorce has become legalized and "acceptable" to the vast majority of its citizens.

While nothing could be more insulting than being branded as having a hidden agenda for entering into a Filipina-foreigner relationship, if your conscience is clear and you are perfectly secure about who you are as a person, who cares what the whole world says?

If we constantly worry about what other people say or think about us, we will never be truly happy.

I was once bothered considerably by how others would view my relationship with my foreign boyfriend, but in time, I came to realize that I have no reason to be even slightly bothered -- not when I have been blessed to have the love and friendship of a God-fearing, intelligent, romantic American of my own age who truly does have all my love and loyalty.

Perhaps we are not as materially blessed as others, but we love each other sincerely... and that's all that really matters.

(C. Louise Sienes, Davao, Philippines)

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