FHM Philippines

FHM Philippines is the largest read glossy magazine in the Philippines

FHM or For Him Magazine launched publication in 1985 in the United Kingdom under the name For Him and later changed its title to FHM in 1994, although the full For Him Magazine continues to be printed on the spine of each issue.

FHM was a fashion-based publication distributed through high street men's fashion outlets. To expand its readership quality and to compete with expanding market, For Him introduced a sports supplement. It then went monthly and changed its name to FHM and then expanded worldwide.

The magazine is printed on high quality polished paper and the photography is of high technical quality. FHM became one of the best-selling magazines in Britain during the mid to late 1990s, selling more than 700,000 copies per month in 1999.

Towards the end of the decade the lads' culture in which the magazine thrived began to die off and publishers turned to celebrity-oriented titles to boost overall sales.

FHM Philippines is the local edition of the FHM franchise based in the United Kingdom. Through FHM, readers find answers to their questions when it comes to questions people are shy to ask.

The magazine can discuss anything from women, to literature, to sports, and sexual matters. FHM is sexy but not indecent. It's smart yet humble. It's funny but knows how to pick on itself, too. It's useful and it has become part of every Filipino with or without liberated thinking.

fhm Philippines

With an estimated readership of over 1.2 million readers, FHM Philippines is the largest read glossy magazine in the Philippines with a readership that surpasses the local broadsheets.

FHM Philippines was also the first Philippine Magazine to breach the 100,000 copy print barrier and currently holds the highest print-run record of 165,000 copies printed.

FHM boosted the careers of then starting local celebrities such as Katrina Halili, Ehra Madrigal and Krista Ranillo as they graced the covers of the magazine which became best-sellers.

The magazine was created in response to "What do men really like and what do they talk about in the company of other men?"

The internet has become a mighty tool to promote or sell products. And now, with the new FHM.com.ph, it now complements FHM perfectly.

It is the Filipino's ultimate guide to the World Wide Web and beyond as FHM has been the Filipino's essential guide to life.

Through technology, FHM Philippines' potency goes beyond any magazine distributor in the country does, reaching out to any Filipino anywhere in the world.

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