Dapitan City Now Becoming a Destination for Asian Divers

This city has now become one of the destinations for Asian divers looking for pristine and equally breathtaking underwater sanctuaries with the aggressive marketing and promotion strategies of the city government under the stewardship of Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos.

Apple Marie Agolong, city tourism officer, stated that this is evidenced by the influx of local and foreign tourists visiting this city to explore the exquisiteness of its sub-aquatic resources.

Agolong said that more than 100 diving enthusiasts and underwater photographers from China and Hongkong have come to this city on the first quarter of this year to discover for themselves the unexploited underwater beauty and reserves of the place.

Agolong disclosed this significantly advances this city’s opportunity in terms of promoting its tourism industry that consequently benefits its people.

Moreover, Agolong said this scenario puts forward the interest of the city government in improving and making active its economic activities which locals can eventually take advantage of for increased income and improved living condition.

“Yet, the question of sustainability remains a challenge which by supplanting various strategic endeavors has gradually been responded appropriately. This brings into view the concept of public-private partnership that the city forged with the private sectors with the underlying principle of having to deliver a service without having to actually undertake the investment,” Agolong said.

Dapitan City Now Becoming a Destination for Asian Divers
Dakak Park and Beach Resort

She said it is on the aspect of marketing capability that this city has engaged the alliance with the private sectors in the institution of initiatives that makes operational the City Tourism Office’s proposal of bringing its marketing and promotions program in the international circle.

She added that with the select members of the city tourism in collaboration with Dakak Park and Beach Resort’s Aqua Sports Center, a representation to the Dive, Resort and Travel (DRT) expositions in Manila in September 2015 and in Hongkong in December 2015 was realized.

She said the participation to the said event opened the doors of this city to the international market inviting international tourists and guests to experience its wonderful dive sites and make exciting discoveries beneath its waters.

At the same time, the activity has provided information about the unique Dapitanon culture and allowed foreign group organizers and various travel agencies to make this city one of the destination bookings of their clients.

Agolong said they are confident that with the possession of numerous beautiful dive sites and rich aquatic resources and Dakak Park and Beach Resort as its partner that serves as one tourist destination offering exciting and fun activities for local and international tourists and guests, both the city’s public and private sectors will achieve its long term vision to ensure the sustainable development of the tourism industry and its benefit.

Ian Chiong, an Asian diver from Hongkong, expressed his amazing experience of diving, seeing beautiful and fantastic corals after his stay in Dakak Park and Beach Resort for almost a week together with other visiting Asian divers. (PNA) LAP/TPGJR/HIROHITO D. CADION

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