Cebu Singapore Flights Initiated by Airphil Express   - Sees Growth Ahead

Airphil Express Sees Growth in Cebu Singapore Flights - Manila Singapore Flights

Airphil Express Senior Vice-president for Marketing and Sales Alfredo Herrera said the country’s leading budget airline has chosen Singapore as its first international destination because of its potential for growth.

"Consumer traffic to Singapore has increased significantly over the past couple of years due to the growth in tourism brought about by the investments in infrastructure that the Singapore government had aggressively undertaken these past years. We expect growth trends to continue which is why we are investing in the market of Cebu Singapore flights ," said Herrera.

Singapore has a large Filipino population of 200,000 which served as a core market for airlines but Airphil Express is looking beyond this market for growth.

"We chose Singapore because of its strategic value. We see strong potential in the tourism market from Singapore to the Philippines to explore the beaches, diving, mountains and cultural diversity that the country has to offer," said Herrera.

Herrera said Airphil Express has one of the youngest fleet among budget airlines in the region which should give the company a leg up in the competition.

Airphil Express launched its Cebu Singapore flights and have daily flights from Cebu to Singapore and vice versa through its brand new A320 aircraft.

Air Philippines - Airphil Express

The A320 belongs to the Airbus family which is recognized as a leader in providing exceptional levels of comfort to passengers traveling with a light pocket.

The A320 offers optimized seating, leg and elbow space with ample and easy to access stowage space.

The A320 is considered as one of the safest narrow-body aircraft with its advanced avionics system.

Aside from having safe and roomy aircraft, Airphil Express also distinguishes itself from other budget airlines with its more accessible Cebu Singapore flights schedule (“We bring you to Singapore within the day and not in the wee hours of the morning”); superior facilities with passengers flown going through Changi Airport's Terminal-2, a full service international terminal, while others have access only to budget terminals; and a generous free baggage check-in of up to 15 kilograms (budget airlines charge for baggage that is checked in).

Airphil Express launches low cost Worry-free Travel Insurance

Airphil Express recently appointed travel insurance market leader Chartis Philippines Insurance Inc. to develop a specialized product for the fast growing low cost carrier's passengers. Launched to resounding positive feedback from fliers nationwide, Airphil Express' Worry-Free Travel Insurance coverage delivers coverage for all aspects of APX's service from point to point.

Worry-Free Travel Insurance product is exclusively designed for Airphil Express customers and offers affordable rates with quality coverage. Worry-Free Travel Insurance is conveniently available when making an online booking on

The one step click that integrates the coverage into the airline website booking facility makes coverage a hassle-free, seamless process, assuring coverage instantly upon ticket issuance.

The world renowned protection coverage of Airphil Express by Chartis is the first of the airline's market responsive product options that will make domestic travel around the Philippines on Airphil Express truly a Worry-free experience. Travellers who purchase Manila-Singapore or Cebu-Singapore tickets may also enjoy Worry-Free coverage if tickets are purchased within the Philippines

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