Cagsawa Festival in Albay Held Throughout February is Their Latest Attraction

Excitement is in the air as the Cagsawa Festival in Albay, the latest historic tourism destination is celebrated during the month of February. The tourism push of the Province should certainly be advanced forward by the festival.

Mayor Gerry Jaucian, of Daraga municipal government and Albay Gov. Joey Salceda stated that they and the Provincial Capitol have combined to create the Cagsawa Festival which has been heightened to match two other vital festivals in the province: the Magayon and Karangahan.

The 30 day Cagsawa Festival commences at the memorable and well-known Cagsawa Ruins Park, noted by what remains of a church bell tower in the middle of an assortment of bricks that previously were the boundary of a Spanish period town.

Due to the destructive Mayon Volcano eruption in 1814 the church and the town were embedded in the earth and now just the top of the bell tower can be seen.

Approximately 1,000 were supposedly killed by the Mayon eruption in 1814 due to a massive deluge of lava.

The just announced national park, consisting of Mayon Volcano and the Cagsawa Ruins will be the focus of attention of the festival. Both domestic and international tourists have made the park a favored attraction.

The goal of the Cagsawa Festival is to honor the unconquerable strength of spirit of the local people, not simply the remembrance of the catastrophe's destruction.

The festival will also furnish visitors a deep cultural meaning that is much more substantive than simply enjoying the world-class nature normally only seen on postcards.

Time-honored experts called “herbolarios”, who at one time controlled Albay's mythological universe will give a presentation, also competitors will demonstrate Arnis, an indigenous art of self defense, as well as 50 plus sports and cultural events throughout February.

There will be handicraft making competitions, showcasing "pamaypay" (hand fan) and others, and a unique trip into the cooking world using the locally known hot chili 'Lada' which takes spicy food to new heights.

Apart from the Cagsawa Festival in February, August will see the beginning of the latest festival, Culinaria Albay.

Albay will celebrate 4 festivals throughout the year scheduled each quarter; February is the Cagsawa festival, April and May will see the Magayon, honoring the beauty of the province, August ushers in the Culinaria Albay, observing the unique cuisine of Albay, and December witnesses the Green Christmas Karangahan Festival, boasting an environmentally friendly Christmas time of year. (PNA/ RMA/JCN/utb)

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