Korean Company Sets International Choir Festival in Bohol

Bohol is clearly back on its feet after just a few months from a devastating 7.2 magnitude quake

A South Korean-based company, Understanding and Communication Corp. through its adviser, Cool Jae Huh is currently on a high-level coordination with the Bohol provincial government to hold its country’s yearly international choir competition in Bohol.

Set to happen on March 18-22 this year, the Bohol International Choir Festival and Competition (BICFC) will bring together international choir groups from all over the world showcasing each country-participant’s style and showmanship.

Bohol governor Edgar Chatto said, this international choral festival would manifest to the world that Bohol’s beauty is still very much intact despite the huge devastation that plunged it into total darkness for a week right after the earthquake.

Chatto viewed this gesture as a big help from the South Korean community to the Boholanos.

“Like a brother giving us a helping hand and pulling us out of the muck that we are in,” Chatto gratefully added.

The governor said that with the province now treading the path to complete recovery, this international event would greatly benefit Bohol’s business and tourism.

No doubt, after this, more countries will give Bohol a second glance, a third even, feeling that they would want a slice of what its people are enjoying, the governor smiled.

“In Bohol, we are not cry babies. We may get boxed, hacked and chucked but we sure know how to get back on our feet faster than the speed of light,” Chatto said in jest, but clearly making a point.

With the international choral festival happening before the quarter ends, the Bohol Provincial Government and the City of Tagbilaran are working closely to ensure that this great event would surely happen here without any hitches.

The Provincial Government has tapped well-known Boholano artist Lutgardo Labad and Marianito Luspo, Holy Name University’s Cultural Affairs Director, both of the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage (BACH) Council to guide and assist both the province and the City Governments in ironing out loose ends.

Gov. Chatto has assigned SEEM Cluster Head Liza Quirog as the event’s overall chairperson, with selected department heads as coordinators in-charge with select functions according to each office’s role in the Provincial Government.

Liza Flores of the Special Projects Section is Deputy Chair, tasked with coordinating with all units to make sure that all parts of the competition would be in place during this international affair.

According to Chatto, this early, several chief executives of other provinces have already expressed their interest to visit Bohol as part of their activities this year.

“They are aching to know the ‘Boholano magic’ that enabled the people to rise swiftly and fight back despite stumbling blocks along the way,” Chatto said.

Preparations are now well underway and with everybody helping out in sending invitations, preparing flight and arrival schedules, receptions and other technicalities for a huge event like this, Bohol is excited to host this much-anticipated affair. (mbcn/PIA7 with reports from jlv/EDCom-Bohol)

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