Coco Veda Free Shipping of Coconut Health & Wellness Products  

With Coconut starting to go mainstream & become a part of everyone's life, a lesser-known brand from The Philippines is sharing affordable goodness with its range of 70+ Hand Made Natural & Organic Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care & Wellness Relief Oil Products with no minimum order value.

Coco Veda's journey into the Coconut Industry began in 2014 with a Soul Searching Mission of building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Business Model. By the end of that year, a decision emerged to focus on the Health & Wellness benefits of Cold Processed Virgin Coconut Oil and carve a niche - a couple of months later the brand Coco Veda was born.

Fast forward two years; the company's foundations continue to be built on the fundamental human pillars of Passion, Perseverance & Patience.

Coco Veda has just launched the World's First Free International Shipping Coconut Health & Wellness Products B2C Online Store from The Philippines.

In line with the company's Vision, "From Farm to eCommerce", Coco Veda aims to build a Sustainable Footprint across 15 – 20 countries in five years, which should pave the way towards setting up a fully integrated Farmer Cooperative Coconut (Village) Processing Hub at one of the Rural Provinces in The Philippines.

The long term Social Impact objective is to deliver three times the value of the prevailing farm gate coconut price to the community with a focus on Women Empowerment as well as creating Livelihood Opportunities for those who are Socially, Physically & Financially Challenged.

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The intended purpose of this store with no minimum purchase value is primarily to be able to showcase the growing range of Coco Veda's High Quality Affordable Products, starting from USD 3.50 each for Lip Balms, Trial Size Creams or Lotions, and gain Visibility as well as find Sustainable Partners on the ground in respective markets and segments.

The company prides itself in having been able to take a step back to think out of the box, innovate and successfully develop over a period of two years, a range of 70+ Coconut Health and Wellness Products each of which has a focus on efficacy - these simple products are formulated on the underlying principles of Ayurveda to help a growing consumer base who are leaning towards Natural & Organic Healthy Living in the 21st Century demanding Lifestyle.

As human civilization advanced during the 19th & 20th Centuries, lifespan doubled to almost 80 years across the developed nations. The risk of Communicable Diseases dropped considerably, whilst in the 21st Century, Lifestyle Non Communicable Diseases have taken center stage.

According to WHO estimates, about 40 million people die every year due to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Alzheimer's, etc., which is costing almost a trillion dollars in annual healthcare bills.

The Global Demand for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products is expected to reach USD 25 bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 8 - 10%. eCommerce transactions are currently estimated to be 10% of this and likely to grow at rate of 12 - 15% per annum.

To achieve its plans of growing a Sustainable Footprint, Coco Veda is looking for likeminded Partners with a shared Value System to join hands with on this journey, build a Sustainable Business and deliver Social Impact to the Coconut Farming Community as well as Products that help consumers in their quest for Natural & Healthy Lifestyles.

The small B2B Business Model of Coco Veda is designed with very small Capital Outlays; it focuses on Shipping Freshly Made Products in regular batches. It aims to collaborate with Direct Marketers, eCommerce Platforms in this space relying on Digital Media to spread awareness & share benefits as well as Small Business Owners in the Natural Nutrition, Health, Beauty, Wellness & Fitness businesses.

An example of this is already visible in Singapore where Coco Veda Singapore has partnered with Aladdin Street Singapore, the World's First eCommerce Halal B2C Marketplace.

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