Airlines Philippine - Sky Pasada Connects Baguio to Major Destinations

The latest airlines Philippine is Sky Pasada using Baguio City as their hub

The Baguio City skies is opened anew to new commercial flights as Sky Pasada, in coordination with the City Tourism Office and the Loakan Airport Management, had its inaugural flight.

Believing in the strong contribution of Baguio in the agriculture and tourism industry of the region, Sky Pasada will connect Baguio to major destinations in Northern Luzon like Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Cauayan in Isabela for a promo price of only P998 starting next week. Baguio - Basco Batanes, Baguio – Manila and Baguio - Caticlan, Aklan routes are expected to open immediately after.

In a press conference, WCC Aviation President and CEO, Capt. Ramon Guico III said they are happy that Sky Pasada has begun flights in Baguio, which they would also want to make as their northern hub.

According to Guico, Sky Pasada is a small or rural airlines Philippine which connects rural destination to major cities and other key destinations in the country.

"Together with the initiative of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, we launched the proposed 'Aaeronautical Highway of the North' which connects Binalonan, Baguio, Batanes, Isabela, Laoag and Cagayan to other destinations not only to the north, but to other key destinations like Manila and Caticlan, Aklan as well," Guico said.

Sky Pasada started its commercial flights last year though the company has been involved in the aeronautics and aviation business for four years now, providing pilot training to local and international civil aviation students.

Airlines Philippines - Skypasada

Guico also assured the public of safe and reliable airlines Philippine flights. In case of bad weather in Baguio, Sky Pasada will be using the Binalonan airport and then they will bring the passengers to the city in a one and one half hour drive.

"In terms of reliability in schedule, we will make sure that we will be on time and there will be no cancellation of flights," Guico assured.

On the part of the city, Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr thanked and congratulated the whole team of Sky Pasada headed by Capt. Ramon Guico III, for acknowledging the city's request and in showcasing the city's potential to be included in the aeronautical highway of the North.

Bautista also stressed that with the Sky Pasada flying to Baguio, more improvement projects will again come to Loakan Airport.

We have already set in the city's project for the improvement in the back portion of the highway so that nearby residents will not soon be crossing the runway, he said.

"We are very happy, excited and proud to have airlines Philippine Sky Pasada here in Baguio and as we are now slowly changing the city's image from 'Beautiful Baguio to Baguio, Where the Adventure Begins' through new attractions like the on-going Tree Top adventure project in Camp John Hay, this will surely make our tourists excited to come here to Baguio," Bautista said.

For additional details like schedule of flights and reservations for Sky Pasada, visit (PIA/Lito Dar)

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