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Philippines Travel Headlines - Sunny Cebu Newsletter
November 16, 2013


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No need for you to search around for travel information related to the Philippines - we bring it all to you. Sunny Cebu Newsletter boils it all down and reports only the important material that you need to know.

Latest Philippines Travel Headlines

* Qatar Airways Inaugural Flight to Clark Gets Warm Welcome
The arrival of the Qatar flight signals the launching of its non-stop daily flights to Clark-Doha and vice versa, which is more convenient for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)...

* Banig Weaving; Entwining Tradition With Art
With its lush colors and attractive designs, the mats made in Can-ayan are the most ubiquitous in town. ...

* Nurturing Bukidnon's Magnificent Flower - the Rafflesia
The Higaonon tribe living near the rainforests at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad were among first to see the unimposing plant which the natives call Kolon Busaw...

* Davao City’s Biggest Music Carnival Joins Typhoon Relief Efforts
Carte Blanche 2013, touted as one of the largest music events in Davao City would also be a massive party-for-a-cause...


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* Stella Maris Fish Sanctuary: Endeared by Sea Turtles in Oriental Mindoro
The 30-plus hectare sanctuary is not just attracting schooling fish but frequented as well by other endearing sea creatures: the pawikans (sea turtles) such as the Hawkbills, Olive Ridleys and Green turtles...

* Vannamae, What?
The first time residents of Northern Philippines heard the name vannamae (others spell it as vannamei), most thought it was a lady's name or even the name of a popular rock band...

* Drinking Coffee may be Healthier Than you Think!
According to American scientists, coffee probably contributes more healthy antioxidants to your diet than fruit and vegetables...

* Philippine Eagle Abounds in the Rich Forests of Taft, Eastern Samar
The ecologically important bird species, the Philippine Eagle with the scientific name of Pithecophaga Jefferyi naturally inhabits the rich forests of Samar...

* Well-Preserved Vigan Heritage is also Model for Community Efforts
Vigan, which was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1999 by UNESCO, is considered the best- preserved example of a planned Spanish colonial town in Asia...

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