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Philippines Travel Headlines - Sunny Cebu Newsletter
May 17, 2014


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Latest Philippines Travel Headlines

* Nature Trekking in Ilocos Norte’s Eco-Cultural Park
A green haven in Ilocos Norte awaits people longing for the healing power of nature as a shield to the scorching heat this summer...

* Cebu Pacific Promo Highlights Adding Tandag, Surigao del Sur to Network
Cebu Pacific will launch direct flights between Cebu and Tandag, the capital city of the province of Surigao del Sur, on June 29...

* Philippine Airlines and Etihad Sign Landmark Deal
Etihad Airways and Philippine Airlines have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that marks a new era of cooperation between the flag carriers...

* Beauty Also Smiles at the Other Side of Legazpi
Talk about Legazpi and what strikes one’s mind is majestic Mt. Mayon, the world’s most perfect cone-shaped volcano that serves as its eternal representation...

* Bukidnon’s Impasugong—Home of the Country’s Finest Cowboys
Famous for its flourishing forest and healthy livestock, Impasugong town in Bukidnon is the home of the country’s finest cowboys, where the spectacular rodeo show draws large crowds to watch spills-and-thrills as “vaqueros” (cowboys) show off skills in a cattle roundup...

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* La Union Town, Home to Rare Waterfalls
The humble town of Bacnotan, a strong advocate of sustainable environmental management, has begun getting the spotlight as the home of rare waterfalls...

* Malacanang of the North a Hit for Tourists
When visiting Ilocos Norte, one couldn’t miss the famous Malacañang of the North as part of their itinerary....

* Summer is More Fun in Region One - DOT
From surfing, beach-combing to pilgrimage visits, the Ilocos and Pangasinan region is a one-stop summer hub for tourists...

* Calayan Islands, Your Tourism Bet This Summer
Try a new destination and bet your bottom dollar this summer on Calayan, a rosary of islands up north in Cagayan Province...


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