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Philippines Travel Headlines - Sunny Cebu Newsletter
May 05, 2015


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Latest Philippines Travel Headlines

A growth of 11.7% compared to the same period last year...

Summer vacation is one of the best times to chill out, relax and relieve stress...

Palawan, the country’s cleanest province, offers a lot to local and foreign tourists...

Pack your bags and head to Boracay for a blissful and exciting summer getaway at Discovery Shores...

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Cebu Pacific promo slashes fares to Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East and Australia...

From afar, the rocks look like walls that protect this island-municipality from the ferocious waves of the Pacific Ocean...

Travel with your friends and get as much as 30% off...

Ambaguio is named after the Kalanguya term ‘Ambangiw’ which simply means a Moss...


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